Alberto Borboni

Mechanical Engineer, PhD, MD


I teach a class of Mechanical Devices interacting with Humans. This course deals on technical problems associated to external, wearable and internal devices that interact with the human body sharing the same task or simply the same workspace or interacting with information/command exchange. The environment of these devices can be structured or unstructured, i.e., industrial, medical, or home environment. My mechanical culture drives me to privilege mechatronic devices that are able to realize mechanical work or, generally, that are able to realize functional activities: the applicative aspect of the research, also when it is only theoretic, is important for me.
The local territory around the University of Brescia is characterized by a strong industrial vocation, thus I and my research group are involved in different relations and projects with industrial companies and here you can find a thematic website on collaborative robots.
The University of Brescia produces also good medical research, thus part of my activities are devoted to medical applications, particularly to rehabilitation devices, i.e. I partecipated to the development of a wearable hand device.
If you are interested in my research or if you want simply a copy of a publication, please, contact me directly.